Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lelaki transeksual kahwin perempuan transeksual... (transsexual couple)

Ni cerita kat Prague.. DOMINIK SEJDA (kiri) dan Andrea Kajzarova dianggap pasangan paling pelik di dunia kerana kedua-duanya telah menukar jantina. Dominik Sejda ni dahulunya perempuan, tapi dah tukar jantina jadi lelaki plak, manakala Andrea Kajzarova ni dahulunya lelaki, tapi dah bedah kemaluan dia jadik pompuan.

Apalah nak jadi dorg dua ni kan, yang tak ble bla dorg kenal melalui laman web pondan. Ntah lah, sape yang pondan skrg ni??? Dominik kee atau Andrea??? Tak ker pelik tu... abes tu sape yang mengandung ni??? hahahahaha... dua2 jantina dah tukar...

Mane2 jer lah, janji dorg bahagia. dorg ni lambat betemu kot, kalau awal2 betemu, tak der lah jadi cam ni kan. Dunia2... Semakin pelik, nak tebalik pown ada... 

English Version 
Dominik was a woman, Andrea was a man, and now after switching their genders they are a couple watching the son Dominik gave birth to, turn into a woman.
Fifteen years ago, Ilona Tomeckova, a woman living in eastern Czech Republic, left her husband and young son to move to Prague and become Dominik Sejda, a man, Czech TV said in a report on its website.
After becoming a man, Dominik found it hard to find a partner for years, but two years ago he met Andrea Kajzarova, another transsexual who, before a sex change, was a man named Tomas Kajzar, who was a bodybuilder.
"She had a man’s genitals when we met, but she had a neutral name and looked rather like a woman," Dominik told Czech TV, adding he knew about three similar couples in the Czech Republic.
"Dominik has such personal charm that I told myself after about four months: yes, this is the guy I want to spend my life with," said the tall and still powerfully-built Andrea.
After meeting Andrea, Dominik decided to resume contacts with his former family, only to learn in awe that the son Radim, he had left behind, was in the process of turning into a girl named Viktoria.

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